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John Anderson, My Jo (5)

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John Anderson, My Jo (5)

John Anderson, my jo john, I wonder what ye mean,
Ye're goin' on the spree, John, and stayin' oot at even.
Ye'll ca' yoursel' to ruin, John, and why should ye do so?
What ails ye noo at hame and me, John Anderson my jo?

Ye're going to Lucky Fill the Stoups, ye meet wi' Cooper Will,
Ye sit and booze like silly gowks, and aye the ither gill;
And aye the ither gill, John, till all your money go,
Ah wae be to that weary drink, John Anderson my jo.

It's the door is aff the barnie, John, the roof is aff the byre,
And I hae burned them baith, John, and a' for want of fire,
We've neither coo not yowe, John, it used na to be so,
What ails ye noo at hame and me, John Anderson my jo?

But I'll tell you what, John Anderson, gin ye'll advised be,
And join the total abstinence, I'll join along with thee:
So we'll get peace and plenty, nae poverty and woe,
And ye'll nae repent ye gave consent, John Anderson my jo.

Jean Anderson, my jo Jean, fair fa' your honest heart.
Ye've sic a coaxing way, Jean, weel hae ye played your part.
So I'll advised be, Jean and hand in hand we'll go,
And we'll sleep thegither at the foot, Jean [and John] Anderson, my jo.

From the Grieg-Duncan Folksong Collection

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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