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John Chinaman, My Jo

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John Chinaman, My Jo
(J.W. Conner)

John Chinaman, my jo, John,
     You're coming precious fast
Each ship that sails from Shanghai brings
     An increase on the last.
And when you'll stop invading us
     I'm blest, now, if I know
You'll outnumber us poor Yankees,
     John Chinaman, my Jo.

John Chinaman, my jo, John,
     You not only come in shoals,
But you often shake the washing stuff
     And spoil the water holes.
And, of course, that riles the miners, John
     And enrages them, you know
For they drive you frequently away
     John Chinaman, my jo.

John Chinaman, my jo, John,
     You used to live on rice,
But now you purchase flour, plums
     And other things that's nice.
And I see a butcher shop
     At your Chinese place below,
And you like your mutton now and then
     John Chinaman, my jo.

John Chinaman, my jo, John,
     Though folks may at you rail,
Here's blessings on your head, John
     And more power to your tail.
But a piece of good advice, John
     I'll give you, ere I go
Don't abuse the freedom you enjoy
     John Chinaman, my jo.

Note: Published in Conner's Irish Song Book, 1868

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