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Johnny and Jane

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Johnny and Jane
(Frank Hutchinson)

Johnny and Jane had a falling-out,
Johnny run Jane right out of sight,
Johnny don't allow no lowdown hanging around.

Jane said, Johnny, that's all right,
Meet you right here tomorrow night.

Look down the street, it looked like rain,
Round the corner came old Aunt Jane.

Old Aunt Jane, you know it's not right
Sleep all day, walk the streets all night . . .

She come in a walk, she come in a run,
Just follow me, boys, we'll have some fun. ..

People all mingling, reading the news,
Old Aunt Jane wants forty-cent shoes..

She come in a walk, she come in a grin,
Good morning, Johnny, I'm back again.

Johnny grabbed a rail off a backyard fence,
He worked on Jane like he had some sense...

He run her up the hillside, he run her through the ditches,
And he run Old Jane right out of her britches...

Old Aunt Jane, she's long and tall,
She run down the street like a cannonball. . .

Run  Aunt Jane  through the picket fence,
The boys haven't saw old Jane since

She run around the courthouse square,
The cops run out, they halted her there. . .

Took her 'fore the judge to give her a trial,
You oughta saw Jane a-waterin' her eye. . .

Judge looked at Jane right through his specs,
Yes, Aunt Jane, your time is coming next. . .

Judge passed the sentence, the jury looked around,
Old Aunt Jane. you're Moundsville bound. . .

Judge told the sheriff to take her on to jail,
Be darned sure not to allow her any bail. . .

That night about twelve o'clock,
Old Aunt Jane broke the jailhouse lock...

Called all the cops in the town,
Old Aunt Jane,  she can't be found.

Recorded by the New Lost City Ramblers

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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