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Johnny Lad

Johnny Lad

Oh ken ye my love Johnny
He's down on yonder lea,
And he's looking and he's joking
And he's aye watching me,

He's pullin' and he's teasin'
But his meanin's not so bad
If it's ever goin' to be
Tell me noo, Johnny lad.

Tell me noo my Johnny laddie
Tell me noo my Johnny lad
If it's ever goin' to be
Tell me noo, Johnny lad.

Oh's Johnny blithe and bonny,
He's the pride of all yon lea
And I love him best of any
Though he's aye teasin' me

Though he teases me and squeezes me
And tickles me like mad,
Nane comes near me that can cheer me
Like my ane Johnny lad.

Aye it's you, my Johnny laddie
Aye it's you my Johnny lad
Nane can tease me and can please me
Like my own Johnny lad.

Oh, Johnny's not a gentlemen
Nor yet is he a laird,
But I would follow Johnny
Although he was a caird.

Oh Johnny is a a bonnie lad
He was ainst a lad of mine,
And I've never had a better lad
Though I've had twenty-nine.

And with you, my Johnny laddie
And with you my Johnny lad,
And I'll dance the buckles off my shoon
With you, Johnny lad.

Recorded by MacColl & Seeger, Ian Campbell Folk Group

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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