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Johnny and Mollie

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Johnny and Mollie
(Collected by Pearl Nye)

Johnny: Oh, Mollie, Oh Mollie, would you take it unkind
        For me to sit by you and tell you my mind?
        For my mind is to marry and never to part
        For the first time I saw you, you wounded my heart.

Mollie: Yes, you may be seated and say what you will
         For I've time a-plenty, will listen, be still;
         The subject of marriage means much in my life
         Should I need a husband and you want a wife.

Johnny:  Oh Mollie, consider for you sure understand
         That love now is speaking, O heed her command;
         We will ramble together in ways of true love
         Until life is past, then renew it above.

Mollie:  Put your horse in the stable and feed him some hay,
         Come and seat yourself by me so long as you may,
         For who would be hasty in matters like this,
         Repent at our leisure, the true object miss?

Johnny:   My horse is not hungry and won't eat your hay,

So fare you well, Mollie, I'll be on my way.

You take all things lightly, my heart like a toy

Toss about like a plaything and count it a joy.

Mollie:   You really surprise me, for all this is new,

I need time for thought and consider your view.

I will marry for love or not wed at all,

My mate will be waiting and answer my call.

Johnny:   A meeting is a pleasure but parting is grief,

An inconstant lover is worse than a thief,

For a thief can but rob you and take all you have

But an inconstant lover can lead to the grave.

Mollie:   My heart you have wounded, but wounds they will heal,

And this changes all things, you know how l feel,

When you fall from your high horse and could happy be ,

So whatever happens, just remember me.

Johnny:   The grave it will rob you and turn you to dust,

So where's a fair lady, a young man to trust?

A cuckoo's a pretty bird and sings as she flies,

Yes she brings us glad tidings and tells us no lies.

Mollie:    Now don't be presumptuous, all things have two sides,
           There's nothing worth while if it's never been tried.
           I know what you have said in some cases is true
           But my love for you, Johnny, will sure change your view!

Note: this is one of the more amazing collections of floaters
that I've encountered. RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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