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Johnny Troy

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Johnny Troy

Come all ye daring bushrangers
And outlaws of the land,
Who scorn to live in slavery
Or wear a convict's band.

Come, listen to my story,
To that most solemn lay, (I hope you will enjoy?)
Of those most mournful days,
The days of Johnny Troy.

Troy was born in Dublin,
That city of great fame,
Brought up by honest parents;
The (whole) world knows the same.

For the robbing of a widow
He was sent o'er the main,
For seven long years to New South Wales
To wear a convict's chain.

There were Troy, Bill Harrington,
Tim Jackson, and Jack Dun,
Four of the bravest heroes
Who ever handled gun.

Said Troy to Bill Harrington,
"Load every man his piece;
For this very night I intend to fight
Against the horse police."

There were six well-armed policemen
All seated in the bow;
And they were none surprised
When Troy commenced his row.

And they were none surprised
When Troy he made a rush;
And six more as brave heroes
Rushed braveiy in the bush.

"And it's now we've gained our liberty,
Our escape we will make sure;
We'll smash and break those handcuffs
When once we reach the shore.

"When once we reach the shore, brave boys,
We'll shout and sing for joy;
We'll hiss and stone those horse police
And sing "Bold Johnny Troy."

They chanced to meet an old man
All on the king's highway,
And Troy rode up to him
While these words he did say,

"Your gold watch and your money
I quickly do demand,
Or I'll blow out your brains instantly
If you refuse to stand."

"It's neither watch or clock I ever had,"
The old man then replied;
"But for a wife and family
I daily do provide."

"(If for a wife and family
You work at your employ?)
Oh, if that be so, you sha'nt be robbed
Said gallant Johnny Troy.

Troy then mounted on his steed,
And before he rode away,
He said, "Here's fifty pounds, old man,
'Twill help you on your way.

"The poor I'll serve both night and day,
The rich I will annoy;
The people round know me right well;
They call me "Johnny Troy."

From Folk Songs of Michigan, Gardner
Recorded on Songs of a New York Lumberjack, Stekert
DT #574
Laws L21

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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