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The Miller o' Straloch

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The Miller o' Straloch

I am a miller to my trade, I'm miller at Straloch
I'm a curious cankered carlie, my name is Willie Stroth
I can play upon the bagpiupes wi' mickle mirth and glee
And I care for nobody, no not I, and nobody cares for me.

I'm engaged wi' Doctor Ramsey, he's laird owre all our land
And when he does give call to me I'm all at his command,
The only thing that I'm subject to is a pinch o' the broon rappee (snuff)
And when I do fa' short o' that, I'm no good company.

My mill's got new machinery, she's something strange to me,
She's of a new construction my eyes did ever see.
But if I had three roons o' her and a pinch o' the brown rappee
I care for nobody, no, not I, and nobody cares for me.

Frm the Greig-Duncan collection version A
From the singing of Alexander Robb

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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