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When Jones's Ale Was New (3)

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When Jones's Ale Was New (3)

Come all you honest labouring men that work hard all the day.
And join with me at The Barley Mow to pass an hour away.
Where we can sing and drink and be merry
And drive away all our cares and worries.

  When Jones's ale was new, my boys,
  When Jones's ale was new.

The first to come in was the ploughman, with sweat all on his brow.
Up with the lark at the break of day he guides his speedy plough;
He drives his team, how they do toil
O'er hill and valley to turn the soil.

The next to come in was the blacksmith, his brawny arms all bare
And with his pint of Jones's ale he has no fear or care;
Throughout the day his hammer he's swingin'
He sings when he hears his anvil ringin'
The nest to come in was the scytheman, so cheerful and so brown
And with the rhythm of his scythe the corn he does mow down
He works, he mows, he sweats and blows
And he leaves his swathes laying all in rows

The next to come in was the tinker and he was no small beer drinker,
And he was no small beer drinker to join the jovial crew.
He told the old woman he'd mend her old kettle.
O Lord how his hammer and tongs did rattle.

Now here's to Jones, our landlord, a jovial man is he
Likewise his wife, a buxom lass, who joins in harmony
We wish them happiness and good will
While our pots and glasses they do fill

Recorded by Ron and Bob Copper on Folksongs of Britain 3
Printed in 1594

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