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As Joseph Was a-Walking

As Joseph Was a-Walking
(Charles Kingsley, 1899)

As Joseph was a-walking
He heard an Angel sing:
"This night shall be the birth night
Of Christ our Heavenly King;

"His birth-bed shall be neither
In housen nor in hall,
Nor in the place of Paradise,
But in an ox's stall.

"He neither shall be clothed
In purple nor in pall;
But in the fair white linen
That usen babies all.

"He neither shall be rocked,
In silver nor in gold;
But in a wooden cradle
That lieth on the mould;

"He neither shall be christen'd
In white wine nor in red;
But with the fair spring water,
With which we were christened."

As Joseph was a-walking
Thus did the Angel sing;
And Mary's Son at midnight
Was born to be our King.

The Shepherds heard these tidings
Rejoicing much in mind;
And went to Bethlehem straitway,
The Son of God to find.

Then, Christians, be ye merry,
Rejoice, give thanks, and sing;
For on this blessed morning
Is born our Heav'nly King.

[The following 2 verses are found in chapter 9 of Charles Kingsley's novel,
"Westward Ho!"]

He neither shall be washen
With white wine nor with red,
But with the fair spring water
That on you shall be shed.

Then be you glad, good people,
At this time of the year;
And light you up your candles,
For His star it shineth clear."

Words, Charles Kingsley, 1899; tune, Lydia Avery Coonley

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