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The Journalist Display'd

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The Journalist Display'd

Dear Friend, have you heard the fantastical Chimes,
  Ribbledum, Scribbledum, Fribbledum, Flash;
As rung by the Journalists, all of our times?
  Satyrum, Traytorum, Treasondum, Trash;
     Popery! Slavery! Bribery! Knavery!
     Eruptions, Corruptions, & Some Body's Fall;
Pensions & Places, Removes & Disgraces
  And Something & Nothing & the Divel & all.

Note: Published 1740. This is only the first verse;
     I'm looking for others. Spelling is modernized. RG
From The British Broadside Ballad, Simpson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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