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The Young and Single Sailor

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The Young and Single Sailor

A fair maid walked all in her garden.
A brisk young sailor she chanced to spy.
He stepped up to her thinking to view her.
Says he: "Fair maid, could you fancy me?"

"Oh no young man, you're a man of honour,
A man of honour you seem to be.
So don't impose on a poor young woman
Who is scarce fitted your servant to be."

"If you tell me you're a poor young woman,
The more regard I shall have for you.
So come with me and I'll make you happy,
And you'll have servants for to wait on you.

"Oh no, young man, I have a sweetheart,
And seven long years he's away from me,
And seven more I will wait for him,
And if he's alive he will return to me."

"Oh, seven years makes an alteration.
Perhaps he's drowned and is now at rest."
"Then no other man shall ever join me,
For he's the darling boy that I love best."

He put his hand all in his pocket
His fingers being both long and small
Saying: "Here's the ring, love we broke between us
Soon as she saw it,  then she down did fall

He took her close all in his arrums,
He gave her kisses by one, two, three,
Saying: "I'm your young and single sailor
That has come home for to marry thee."

From The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs
Collected from Mr. Burridge, Surrey, 1908
DT #462
Laws N42

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