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Johnny Scott

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Johnny Scott

Johnny Scott's to the hunting gane,
To the English woods so wild,
And the king of England's daughter
Made a tryst to be his bride.

The king he wrote a broad letter
And sealed it with his hand,
And sent it off to Johnny Scott
As fast as it could gang.

When Johnny read the letter,
A sorry man was he,
Saying, "Father, dearest father,
The king has sent for me."

"If that be so, my son," he says,
"As I suppose it be,
I fear, I fear, my lovely son,
Your face I'll never see."

He dressed himself in apparel fine,
As fine as fine could be,
And he's away to fair England
His lady for to see.

When he came to England,
He look-ed all around,
And there he spied his lady love
As he came riding down.

"Come down, come down, my lady," he says,
"Come down, come down to me."
"I can't go down, dear Johnny," she says,
"The king has bolted me."

And when he came before the king,
He knelt low at his knee;
The king he moved his bonnet,
Thought Johnny a king like he.

"No king, no king," said Johnny Scott,
"No king, no king," said he;
"I'm just one of your cottage men,
Johnny Scott, they do call me."

"If Johnny Scott it is your name,
As I suppose it be,
Before tomorrow at twelve o'clock,
A butchered man you'll be."

"We have an ltalian in the next room
This day has kill-ed three,
And before tomorrow at twelve o'clock,
Your butcher he will be."

The ltalian came out of the room,
A grimly giant he,
Yards three between his shoulders,
Spans four from e'e to e'e.

They fought about, they fought all round
With swords of tempered steel,
But on the point of Johnny's sword
The death thrust he did feel.

"Come down, come down, my lady," he says,
"Come down, come down to me;
This night you shall be in my arms ,
And tomorrow my bride you'll be."

Child #99
From Songs of the People, Sam Henry

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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