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Just Before the Battle Mother 2

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Just Before the Battle Mother 2

Just before the battle, mother,
l was drinking mountain dew,
WHen l saw the "Rebels" marching,
To the rear I quickly flew;
Where the stragglers were flying,
Thinking of their homes and wives ;
'Twas not the "Rebs" we feared, dear mother,
But our own dear precious lives.

cho: Farewell, mother: for you'll never
     See my name among the slain.
     For if I only can skedaddle,
     Dear mother, I'll come home again.

I hear the bugle sounding, mother,
My soul is eager for the fray.
I guess I'll hide behind some cover,
And then I shall be OK.
Discretion's the better part of valor,
At least I've often heard you say;
And he who loves his life, dear mother,
Won't fight if he can run away.

Civil War parody. From Sound Off!, Dolph

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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