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Just Plain Old Folks

Just Plain Old Folks
(Kevin Becker (C) 1985)

CHO:   We ain't city, we ain't pretty
       Bothered nor provoked
       We're all for one and we sing for fun
       We're just plain old folks

1. And we'll set for hours telling stories
   That only a fool would believe
   How we'll travel 'round the world
   From a town we'll never leave
   And how some day we'll all be rich
   When progress steals our farms
   Whenever wealthy people frown
   Just say you meant no harm

2. Grab the banjo, get the guitar
   Have a good old time
   Hold the hand of the lady or man
   Who makes you feel so fine
   And sing a song of long ago
   Or make one up brand new
   Join the chorus, SINGOUT! loud
   Express your point of view

3. Night is fading, morning's breaking
   Our songs and stories told
   Sleepy hours few and chores to do
   As the new day now unfolds
   But I'm sure glad we spent this time
   To laugh and sing our songs
   So next time bring that mandolin
   And join our sing-along


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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