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Harlot of Jerusalem (4)

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Harlot of Jerusalem (4)

In days of old there lived a maid,
Who used to do a roaring trade,
A prostitute of ill repute,
The harlot of Jerusalem.

She lived within the palace walls,
And round the walls were hung the balls,
Of every cock who'd tried to root,
The harlot of Jerusalem.

Nearby there lived an Arab tall,
Who with his prick could move a wall,
It was the pride of nearly all,
The harlots of Jerusalem.

One night returning from a spree,
He saw her there beneath a tree,
And vowed that very night that he,
Would lay her in Jerusalem.

He took her to a shady nook,
And from his open fly he took,
A penis like a butcher's hook,
The finest in Jerusalem.

He laid her down upon her back,
And tried to shove it up her crack,
But had no luck in trying to fuck,
The harlot of Jerusalem.

Cathusalem she gave a grunt,
And with a snap she shut her cunt,
And threw him high into the sky,
Far beyond Jerusalem.

Away he flew across the sea,
Across the Sea of Galilee,
And caught his ballocks in a tree,
Three leagues beyond Jerusalem.

And there he hangs unto this day,
And seen by all who pass that way,
The silly ape that tried to rape,
The harlot of Jerusalem.


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