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Come listen to my tale of woe
It happened many years ago
When cunts were wide, and cocks hung low
In hoary old Jerusalem.

cho: Hi, Ho Kafoozalum
     The harlot of Jerusalem;
     Hi, Ho Kafoozalum
     The daughter of the rabbi.

Once on a time there lived a dame
Who plied a trade of ancient fame
She was a girl of ill repute,
In fact she was a prostitute.

Kafoozalum was a wily witch
A filthy whore, a scurvy bitch
And she caused every dong to twitch
That dangled in Jerusalem.

A priest there was, both great and tall
His cock so strong, could break a wall
Which fascinated nearly all
The harlots in Jerusalem.

One day, returning from a spree
His customary hard on, he
Espied her seated 'neath a tree
The harlot named Kafoozalum.

He looked, then took a harder look
And led her to a nearby brook
And from within his robes he took
The pride of all Jerusalem.

Kafoozalum was one to please
She rubbed it gently twixt her knees
And caused a flood that drowned the trees
That grew throughout Jerusalem.

Well the son of a bitch was underslung
He made a lunge, but missed her bung
And he never stopped till he reached the dung
In the asshole of Kafoozalum.

Kafoozalum she knew her art
She arched her back and blew a fart
That sent the bastard, like a dart,
Sailing o'er Jerusalem.

Now, when the moon is big and red
His flying form soars overhead
Raining curses on the head
Of that lousy whore, Kafoozalum.

Note: learned ca. 1943 on the streets of Brooklyn

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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