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Katey Morey

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Katey Morey

Come all you sly and crafty rogues,
Come listen to my story:
I'll tell you how I worked a plan
To cheat one Katey Morey

cho: With my whack! fol lathero, tathero, leathero,
     Whack! fol lathero, tathero lay.

I went down to her father's house,
Just like a clever fellow;
I told her that the plums were ripe
And just begun to mellow

I told her that my sister Sue
Was down in yonder bower,
She wanted her to come down there
And spend one half an hour
[spoken] After I got her there in the bower-

I told her that my sister Sue
Knew nothing of the matter;
"You must comply, or you must die!
I have no time to flatter"

My hand she squeezed, she seemed to be pleased,
There's one thing more appeased her:
"My father, he is coming this way,
He will catch us here, sir!

"But if you will strive to climb this tree
While father's gone away, sir,
Then we'll go down in yonder brake,
There we'll sport and play, sir"

Then I strove to climb the tree,
Not being the least offended,
Whilst Katey Morey stood at the roots
To see how I ascended

I twitched, I jerked, and made such work,
It stuck right into my crop, sir,
I cussed, I swore, my britches tore,
Until I reached the top, sir

Kate says to me, "You're up the tree,
You look much like an owl, sir;
You can eat your plums and crack your stones,
And have your fun alone, sir"

Kate, she heeled her over the plains
Just like a maid distracted;
I cussed, I swore at Katey More'
To see how she had acted

Next morning, when the sun come out,
I wasn't the least offended;
So I went to Kate and I married her,
And now my britches get mended

Now I've clumb the tallest tree
That ever bore a plum, sir;
We'll try the slip for grafting it,
And see what fruit it'll be, sir

My song is crossed up, I've sung enough,
It's time to quit my rhyming:
But every time Kate smiles at me,
She makes me think of climbing

Child #112
From Folk Songs of the Catskills,Cazden Haufrecht and Studer
Collected from George and Dick Edwards
Laws N24

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