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Keep that Wheel a-Turnin'

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Keep that Wheel a-Turnin'
(Stan Kelly?)

cho: Keep that wheel a-turnin', keep that wheel a-turnin'
     Keep that wheel a-turnin', and do a little more each day.

A nice young man was William Brown,
He works for wage in London town.
Worked from dawn to late at night,
Turnin' a wheel from left to right.

Well, the boss one day to William came
And he said," Look here, young...what's your name?
We're not content with what you do
So work a little harder or out you go.

So William turned, and he made her run
Three times in the place of one.
He turned so hard he soon was made
Lord High Turner of his trade.

Well the nation heard of the wondrous tale
The news appeared in the Sketch and the Mail
Railways ran excursion stops
All to look at William Brown. (or William's shop.)

William turned with the same sweet smile.
The goods he made grew such a pile,
They filled the room and the room next door
And overflowed to the basement floor.

But sad the sequel is to tell,
He turned out more than the boss could sell.
The market slumped and the price went down,
And in seven days they sacked young Brown.


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