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I mounted on horseback with five miles to ride
Till I came to a cottage near Kellswaterside
Said I to myself, in this country might be
A maid young and handsome and she might fit me.

I dismounted my horse and went in and sat down;
A maid in the corner I viewed all around,
Her cheeks blushed like roses,  her curved lips were red,
And her eyes were like diamonds that shone in her head.

'O,'  said I, 'my wee lassie, will you come wi' me
To the sweet town of Antrim, where married we'll be?
In the sweet town of Antrim we'll  get the words said,
And you ne'er will return to your mother a maid

'Your offer is good, sir, I cannot deny,
But to make your acquaintance I ne'er will comply
To go with a stranger would grudge me in mind
At leaving Kellswater and sweethearts behind.

'My friends and my parents would all on me frown
At leaving Kellswater and fair Randalstown.'
'Your friends and your parents will not on you frown
For leaving Kellswater and fair Randalstown.

'For in sweet Ballybogey, where I will you bring,
You'll hear the birds whistle and nightingales sing;
Your heart will be glad and no tears need you weep,
And the birds in the evening will sing you to sleep.'

'Come back, my wee laddie, I'm changing my mind,
And now to get married my heart feels inclined
I bid my old sweethearts a last fond adieu,
And I'll leave my old parents and follow with you.'

From Sam Henry's Songs of the People

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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