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O, Kenmure's on and Awa, Willie

O, Kenmure's on and Awa, Willie

O, Kenmure's on and awa, Willie,
   O, Kenmure's on and awa!
An Kenmure's lord's the bravest lord
   That ever Galloway saw!
Success to Kenmure's band, Willie,
   Success to Kenmure's band!
There's no a heart that fears a Whig
  That rides by Kenmure's hand.

Here's Kenmure's health in wine, Willie,
   Here's Kenmure's health in wine!
There's ne'er a coward o Kenmure's blude,
  Nor yet o Gordon's line.
O, Kenmure's lads are men, Willie,
   O, Kenmure's lads are men!
Their hearts and swords are metal true,
   And that their faes shall ken.

The'll live or die wi fame, Willie,
   They'll live or die wi fame!
But soon wi sounding Victorie
   May Kenmure's lord come hame!
Here's him that's far awa, WiIIie,
   Here's him that's far awa!
And here's the lower that I lo'e best,
   The rose that's like the snaw!


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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