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Kenny Wagner's Surrender

Kenny Wagner's Surrender

I am sure you have heard my story
From "The Kenny Wagner Song":
How down in Mississippi
I took the road that's wrong.

It was down in Mississippi
Where I murdered my first man,
When the sheriff there at Leachville
For justice took his stand.

Then I went from Mississippi
To the state of Tennessee.
Two men went down before me
Ere they took my liberty.

Then I wandered through the country,
But I never could find rest,
Till I went to Texarkana,
Away out in the West.

Again I started drinking,
And again I pulled my gun
And within a single moment
The deadly work was done.

The sheriff was a woman,
But she got the drop on me.
I quit the game and surrendered,
Gave up my liberty.

DT #779
Laws E8
From Hudson, Folksongs of Mississippi
Collected from Elizabeth Reynolds

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