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The Kettle Valley Line

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The Kettle Valley Line
(Ean Hay and Stan Triggs)

I always ride upon the roof on the Kettle Valley Line (x 2)
I always ride upon the roof,
I could ride inside, but what's the use?
So I always ride upon the roof on the Kettle Valley Line.

I order my meals through the ventilator...
And it tastes no worse, saves tippin' the waiter...

Those railway bulls are gentlemen...
We'll never see their likes again...

They tip their hats and call you 'sir'...
Then throw you in the local stir...

I get my sandwich from the cook...
And he pockets my money, the dirty crook...

Repeat verse 1.

words by Ean Hay, tune adapted by Stan Triggs, and on his
Folkways album, "Bunkhouse and Forecastle Songs of the Northwest".


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