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Islip, Long Island

Islip, Long Island
(Jeri Corlew)

 Islip Long Island, 19 and 60, my dear loving daughter Estelle
 I hope that this small, insignificant letter finds you happy and well
 I hope San Franciso is all that you dreamed of,
 Although it's a long way from here
 I hope that you watch out for bad boys and beatnicks,
 There's a lot in this world you should fear
 Your brother's moved close to his girlfriend, so he says,
 But I fear they are living in sin
 Please don't concern yourself, I'm doing splendid
 But I can't wait to see you again.

 Islip Long Island, 19 and 70, my dear loving daughter Estelle
 Say hi to Moondog, he looks like a nice boy, but with all that hair I can't tel
 Does his mother know that he has hair like a hippy
 I hope you have checked him for lice
 Oh well, never mind, I'm just being a mother,
 I'm sure that he's really quite nice.
 And the wife of your brother, I don't think she likes me
 She wants him to move to Bayonne
 Your room is exactly the same way you left it
 Anytime you want you could move home.

 Islip, Long Island, 19 and 80, dear daughter Estelle and son John
 I'm sorry to give you the very sad news that your father, that bastard is gone.
 He moved out last weekend to live with some floozy
 She's skinny and has curly blond hair
 I'm a shame he decided to trade you poor mother
 For a pretty young head filled with air
 But please, not to worry, I'm sure I'll recover
 At least that's what my doctor has said
 But I hope you're still planning to move back to Islip
 Before your dear mother is dead

 Islip, Long Island, 19 and 90, my dear loving daughter Estelle
 I'll be sixty one this coming Sunday and my colon is giving me hell.
 I just mentioned my birthday, in case you'd forgotten
 I know you're too busy to call
 Thanks for the pictures, it's the only reason
 I know what the kids look like at all.
 Except for the clothes from the Salvation Army
 they're lovely young women and men.
 Are you thinking you might bring them here for a visit,
 It would be nice to see you again.

 Islip, Long Island, 19 and 92, this is your dear brother John
 I'm sorry that I didn't write sooner to tell you that mother has moved on.
 She was living with some guy she met in college
 I think he is just thirty three.
 She sold the house and closed all the accounts
 And they're off on a traveling spree
 And she sent us a letter from a country in Europe,
 And some photos they took on a cruise.
 If you ask me, she has lost it completely
 And the young man's affection's a ruse.
 And it's funny the way she kept talking about you,
 She said something to you at the end.
 She said "tell Estelle you get one chance at life,
 Maybe someday I'll see her again."

copyright Jeri Corlew

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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