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Killing Jar

Killing Jar
(Richard Thompson)

My father was a judge, a solitary man
He beat me to cry with the back of his hand
I played with my sisters, he said I play it too rough
It seems to me son, I didn't beat you enough

        You're no good, he said, you're no good (2x)

I went from my schooling and I faced the wall
"Tell me bum" said the teacher "Can you hear me at all?"
I sweep down the hallways and I sweep up the grounds
When the boss he tells me that I'm late on my rounds

        I'm no good, they say I'm no good (2x)

I once had a songbird with a broken wing
I cried and I cried, oh, it never would sing
I once had a songbird, the apple of my eye
I put it in a killing jar, just to watch him die

I once had a sweetheart, caught 'er running around
I hit her with a log chain and I put 'er underground
I once had a sweetheart, oh a pretty little thing
I knelt in a cold grave and I took back my ring

        I'm no good, they say I'm no good (4x)

recorded by French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson on "Invisible Means" (1990)
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