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King o' Luve

King o' Luve

Eastmuir king and Wastmuir king
And King o' Luve, a' three
It's they cast kevils them amang
Aboot a gay lady

Eastmuir king, he won the gold
And Westmuir king, the fee
But the King o' Luve, wi' his lands sae broad
He's won the fair lady

These twa kings, they made an oath
That be it as it may
They would slay him, King o' Luve
Upon his wedding day

Eastmuir king, he broke his oath
An sair penance did he
But Westmuir king, he made it oot
An' an ill death may he die

Child #89
recorded by Hermes Nye on Ballad Reliques

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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