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(Trad: last verse by Gordon Bok)

Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen
By the shining sea, Kirsteen
O'er the fragrant lea

Who'll be by thy side, Kirsteen
At the high spring-tide, Kirsteen
Walking with his bride

And when thou grow frail, Kirsteen
Winds do bring the veil, Kirsteen
Who longs with thee to sail

Soft be thy pathway and light be thy stepping
Sweet be the song on thy lips, Christinn
Lone on the hillside, thy lover is lying
And pale is the hue of his cheek, Christinn

The bird in the woodland the trout in the river
The deer on the hillside are fair, Christinn
But he who was fairer lies low in the bracken
He's emptied his heart of his cares, Christinn

Bright blow the flowers by clear, winding cutty
Like bonnie white clouds in the blue, Christinn
But their glory at noontide is darkened with mourning
For joys that can never return, Christinn

First three verses from Kenneth McKellar album, "Songs
of the Hebrides", c. 1955 JB

Recorded by Gordon Bok
Copyright Folk-Legacy Records, Inc.


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