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King of the Nerds

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King of the Nerds
(Steven Levine)

Theorems to prove or not,
Differentials get me hot
Got three advanced degrees
I don't pay no software fees,

I work hard on my code at nights,
My system's fifty-million megabytes
Don't have much truck with words
'Cause I'm --King of the Nerds.

     I know every engineer on every mainframe
     Each fileserver, and all of their names,
     I know every BBS in every town,
     And who to call for service when the system is down

You know I watch Star Treck, TNG
I follow Science Fiction Fantasy
I read PC news for thrills
I don't have no social skills,

Ah, but cheap beer and take-out foods
Get me lots of geeks in party moods.
Good grooming's for the birds
When you're King of the Nerds
     And I'm King of the Nerds.

copyright Steven Levine

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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