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I've a Laddie in America

I've a Laddie in America

I've a laddie in America,
I've a laddie in Dundee-i-ee-i-ee,
I've a laddie in Australia,
And he's coming back to marry me-i-ee-i-ee.

First he took me to America
Then he took me to Dundee-i-ee-i-ee,
Then he ran away and left me
Wi' three bonnie bairnies on my knee-i-ee-i-ee.

One was sitting by the fireside
One was sitting on my knee-i-ee-i-ee
One was sitting on the doorstep,
Singing "Daddy, please come back tae me-i-ee-i-ee."

N. Buchan 101 SS (1962), 139, with music; a Glasgow
skipping song.  Recorded by Jean Redpath, Frae My Ain
Countrie (1973), a skipping song from Fife; main
differs: And I've anither/ And that's the ane that's
gaun tae marry/ And then he took/ And then he ran/ One
o' them/ Anither yin/ The third/ Cryin' "Daddy, Daddy,
[etc.]".  She notes that the tune derives from "What a
Friend We Have in Jesus."  Arthur Argo recorded a very
similar version, to the tune There is a Tavern in the
Town.  Ray Fisher (recorded 1963) had another stanza:
Noo I've a daddie in America,/ And anither in Dundee-I-
ee-I-ee,/ And anither in Australia,/ And that's the one
that's comin' back to me-I-ee-I-ee.

Ritchie Golden City (1965), 125 (tune as Buchan/Redpath)
with differs "sweetheart" and in st. 3, "on the table//
standin' by the doorside".

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