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Laddy Lye Near Me

Laddy Lye Near Me

 As I walked over hills, dales and high mountains,
 I heard a lad and a lass making acquaintance;
 Making acquaintance and singing so clearly,
 Long have I lain alone, laddy, lye near me
 Near me, near me, laddy lye near me
 Long, &c

 What if I lay thee down, lassy my deary?
 Cannot I rise again? Laddy, lye near me.
 Near me, &c.

 If I get thee with bairn, lassy, my deary?
 Cannot I nurse the same? Laddy lye near me.
 Near me, &c.

 I'll never marry thee, lassy, my dearie.
 Do as thou will, said she; laddy lye near me.
 Near me, &c.

 What will thy parents say, lassy, my dearie?
 Never mind, let us play; laddy lye near me.
 Near me, &c.

From Ritson's 'North-Country Chorister', Durham, 1809

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