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(Ted Edwards)

1.  Ladybird sit on me 'and
    I know if tha stays when I've finished me rhyme
    Whatever it is I command
    Whatever I'm wishing for soon will be mine.
    In our 'ouse there's no din
    I wish there were somebody in.

    Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home
    Your 'ouse is on fire, and your childen are gone.

2.  Ladybird, listen to me.
    I've not seen me father for many a day
    He comes home whenever he's free
    But not very much 'cos he works far away
    Last year he worked in the town
    Now they're pullin' the factory down.

3.  Ladybird, in't it a crime?
    Me mam is a-workin' away down in mill
    She comes home about supper time
    She's on afternoons, so I've hours to kill.
    I'll queue for some chips and some fish
    Then I'll switch on the telly and wish.

4.  Ladybird, don't spread your wings
    I don't understand these words on the news.
    Redeployment, inflation and things -
    It's just like a game, some win and some lose.
    But some of 'em win all the time
    Me mam says as cheatin's a crime.

by Ted Edwards of Lancashire; New City Songster 13; words dedialected

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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