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The Dragoon and the Lady

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The Dragoon and the Lady

Come now all you good people,
I pray now lend an ear.
'Tis of a jolly dragoon and soon ye shall hear.
He courted a lady, a lady rich and fair,
So how they got married oh now* you shall hear.

My father was a knight and an honour to the crown,
And if I wed a soldier you'll pull his honour down,
And thy birth and my birth will never agree,
So take it as an answer, dear dragoon, says she.

An answer, an answer, an answer I won't take.
I'd rather lay my life down or of my love forsake.
In hearing of these words wishing the lady's heart to bleed,
Together they went and was married with speed.

Oh when they were married and returning back again
She saw her father coming took by armed men.
0 dear, replies the lady, I fear I shall be slain.
0 fear not at all, says the valiant dragoon.

So now my dearest Polly no time there is to prattle.
So see how they are armed and fix@d for the battle.
He drawed his sword and pistol the buckles they did rattle,
The lady held the horse while the dragoon fought the battle.

Now all you good people that have got rich in store,
Never disdain a soldier because he is poor.
For he that is poor will fight for his own.
Here's health to the King and the jolly dragoon.

Child #7


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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