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Franklin the Brave or Lady Franklin's Lament 2

Franklin the Brave or Lady Franklin's Lament 2

We were homeward bound all in the deep
Alone in my hammock I fell asleep
And I dreamt a dream that I thought was true
Concerning Franklin and his bold crew

As I was musing on yon foreign shore
I heard a lady and she did deplore
She wept aloud and to me did say
"Oh, my loving husband, he stops long away

"It is seven long years since three ships of fame
Caused my dear husband to cross the main
And a hundred seamen of courage stout
A northwest passage for to find out

"They sail-ed east and they sail-ed west
To find their passage they knew not best
Ten thousand pounds would I freely give
If I only knew if my husband lived

"There is Captain Parry of high renown
There is Captain Hoggs of Seamore town
There is Captain Ross and many more
I'm afraid they are lost on some foreign shore

"In Baffin's Bay where the whale fish blows
The fate of Franklin no one knows
I am afraid he is lost on yon foreign shore
Where he left his home to return no more."

Sir John Franklin set out to find the Northwest Passage in 1845
skeletons were found in 1859
DT #401
Laws K9
from Sam Henry's Songs of the People

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