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The Franklin Expedition

The Franklin Expedition

I dreamed a dream I thought was true
Concernin' Franklin and his jovial crew,
That from old Eng-a-land they sailed away
To the frozen ocean in the month of May.

Now 'tis more than any man can do
With heart undaunted and courage true
And many's wife is leaved to mourn
In grief and sorrow for their return.

There's Captain Austin from Scarboro town,
Brave Captain Ross of high reknown
And there's Granville and Penny and many a more
Have long been searching the Arctic shore.

In Baffin's Bay the whale-a-fish blow
The death of Franklin no one do know
Nor the death of Frank-e-lin no tongue can tell
Lord Franklin along with his sailors do dwell.

From singing of Wade Hemsworth
This fragment from Newfoundland.
DT #401
Laws K9

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