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Lamoille River

Lamoille River
(John Nutting)

  They're cleaning up our river, sterilizing our stream
  It will be the purest that you've ever seen
  You can run it in your bathtub, even drink it too
  They're changing the Lamoille from dirty brown to blue

She wanders down through Hardwick, slides around the bend
Eats away at the print shop and the cleaner's, my friend
Still we love her dearly, even though she smells
What'll we do with our sewage? We've already filled our wells

They dammed her up in Morrisville, made a little lake
Old folks sit around her, their pleasure to take
The trout would like to live there, but the taste is much too
One drink of Lake Lamoille, and they'd all be dead and gone

There's one good thing about her, she does it every spring
Overflows her banks to deposit many things
Upon the farmer's fields and in the maple wood
Our river only needs to be better understood

Copyright John Nutting
recorded by Sandy and Caroline Paton

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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