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Lancashire Lass

Lancashire Lass

Here's to the maid in Lancashire Town
Here's to the maid in the cadelico
I vow and declare he loved her so dear
Cause she did wear pretty caps upon her hair

Fol the dol the day

Says Master unto Missus I'm going out of town
Says Missus unto Betsy, You go unto your bed
And I for your Master
Will wait up in your stead.

Twelve o'clock came and knock was at the door
Missus went out to see who was there
And on the cold ground he tumbled her down
And into her hand he put half a crown

Horses out in stable a making of a noise
Master went out to see who was there
Missus cropped upstairs and laughed at the fun
To think how the maid and the master was undone

Next morning at breakfast the bell she did ring
Saying here's half a crown that your master gave to me
And many a bright crown has he turned unto thee

She tooked her by the shoulders and led her to the door
Saying There's no home for a wife and a wench
For all this long time I never can endure
For I can't come in for a morsel of my share

And all that they done, they done in a month
And after that they turned bump to bump.

Fol the dol day


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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