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Landlord's Lullaby

Landlord's Lullaby
(Maxine Parshall and Charlie Ipcar)

Close your eyes my sleepy tenants
As you sign your rent contract
Kiss goodbye your rent deposit
For you'll never get it back

  Go to sleep my little tenants
  Though the gas is leaking fast
  Lay your head upon the pillow
  This night's sleep may be your last

Though the roof is rather leaky
And paper's peeling off the wall
And there's plaster on your bedspread
Be thankful there's a wall at all

Though the furnace is erratic
And the wiring seems decayed
Come the morn you'll be evicted
And your homestead blown away

words Copyright Parshall and Ipcar
tune: Hobo's Lullaby

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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