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Language of the Heart

Language of the Heart
(David Wilcox)

We made our warm bed out of blankets
     in the meadow way up high
You took off your dress in the moonlight
     to sleep beneath the sky,
Your touch was a warm summer ocean,
     your kiss made the whole mountain fly
And you looked deep within me
     and smiled at the tears in my eyes

cho: Now/And/But you can say that you always were honest
     And your words were clear from the start,
     But it's more than just word that got spoken
     There was language of the heart.

I won't keep on calling your number
     if you never have the time.
I don't want to claim you or blame you
     but you're always on my mind.
You had no idea I would love you,
     it comes as a total surprise;
And you shake your head slowly
     and smile at the tears in my eyes.

Your eyes like an ocean, clear sunlit green,
My eyes with the salt water washing me clean again.

Just imagine that you whispered a secret
     that could take away my blues,
And you let me believe it, to please me,
     though it just wasn't true.
You just meant to share with me pleasure
     and you're gifted at what you do
But you're speaking an unspoken language
     I thought that you knew
It's the one we all learn by heart
     And our hearts think it's true

Copyright A&M Records, 1989 [CS 5275]
Recorded by David Wilcox

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