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Lassie Gathering Nuts

Lassie Gathering Nuts

There was a lass and a bonnie lass
A-gathering nuts did gang
She pu'ed them haigh, she pu'ed them laigh
She pu'ed them whaur they hang, hang
She pu'ed them whaur they hang

Till tired at length, she laid them doon
An' sleept the wood amang
When by there cam' three lusty lads
Three lusty lads and strang, strang
Three lusty lads and strang

The first did kiss her rosy lips
He thought it was nae wrang
The second loos'd her bodice fair
Faced up wi' London whang...

An' what the third did to the lass
I's no' pit in this sang
But the lass wauken'd in a fright
An' says, "I hae slept lang."

from Ewan MacColl's Folk Songs and Ballads of Scotland

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