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Last Letter Home

Last Letter Home
(McDade/Brown, ASCAP)

I have heard the cannons thundering all night,
And I cannot help but wonder,
Why's the Rebel Cause so right?
And the morphine seems to do no good at all.
I would run away, if I would not fall.

Well I joined the Southern cavalry for fun.
Must have rode a thousand horses;
Always had a way with a gun.
Now I'm among the horseless riders lying still.
Swallowed up by the Cause on Hero's (the Widow's) Hill.

cho: And I dreamed of a rose in a Spanish garden,
     And I kissed you and placed it in your hair.
     And, if I'm ever on my feet again, I will,
     I will run all the way just to meet you there.

Through the day I watched those Southern boys go down.
And they lay like Georgia peaches
Bruised and broken on the ground.
Through the night I wondered if it was worth the pain,
And I cried out not revenge, but I called your name.

recorded by Golden Ring on All the Good People

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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