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There was a little family
That lived in Bethany;
Two sisters and their brother
Composed a family.

They lived in peace and pleasure
For a many a long years;
They laid away their treasures
Beyond this vale of tears.

Yet, while they lived so happy.
So pure, so kind and good,
Their brother was afflicted
And rued life throned in bed.

The news came to the sisters.
Laid Lazarus in the tomb
And prayed for to comfort
And drive away their gloom.

When Jesus heard the tidings
Low in the distant land,
So slowly did he travel
To meet that lonely band.

When Jesus was a-coming,
Mary met Him on the way
And told Him how her brother
Had died and passed away.

He cheered her and He blessed her
And told her not to weep,
For in Him was the power
To wake him from his sleep.

When He was coming nigher,
Marthy ran and met Him too
And at His feet a-weeping
Rehearsed the tale of woe.

When Jesus saw her weeping,
He fell a-weeping too
And wept until they showed him
Where Lazarus laid in tomb.

He rolled away the cover
And walked upon the ground
Within full life and vigor
He walked upon the ground.

So if we but love Jesus
And do His Holy will,
Like Marthy and Mary
And Lazarus use it well.

From death He will redeem us
And take us to the sky
And bids live forever
Where pleasure never dies.

From Southern Folk Ballads, McNeil. Collected from Mrs. Hogan, TN,
DT #647
Laws H7

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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