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Lucky Lindy

Lucky Lindy
(Recorded by Vernon Dalhart ca. 1929-1930)

From coast to coast, we all can boast and sing a toast to one
Who's made a name
By being game.
He was born with wings as great as any bird that flies
A lucky star
Led him afar!

cho: Lucky Lindy! Up in the sky
     Fair or windy, he's flying high.
     Peerless, fearless --- knows every cloud
     The kind of a son makes a mother feel proud!
     Lucky Lindy! Flies all alone
     In a little plane all his own,
     Lucky Lindy shows them the way
     And he's the hero of the day.

Just like a child, he simply smiled while we went wild with fear
That Yankee lad!
The world went mad!
Everywhere we prayed for him to safely cross the sea
And he arrived
In gay Par-ee!



Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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