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I Learned About Horses From Her

I Learned About Horses From Her

You can gen'rally tell when they kick you
And you know by the scar when they bite.
And the things that you learn
From the black and the roan
Will help you a lot with the white.
I once had a gray named Agnes
Oh, God how devoted we were.
But she bit me one night when I cinched her too tight
And I learned about horses from her.

Once I went for a ride on a caisson,
Along with a sergeant named Jim,
But my animal had such a very queer face on,
Our chances of motion were slim.
I said as I climbed on her buttocks,
I'll give her a taste of my spur,
But I lit in the mud with a sickening thud,
And I learned about horses from her.

I once saw a mule with a tail plate,
Reading, "Traveler, beware of my dust!"
And I said, "Here's a kind of real big gauge find,"
And I laughed until I thought I would bust.
So I tried a ride just to prove it,
It was just a kind of a whim,
But he unloaded me in a prickly pear tree,
And I learned about asses from him.

If ever your steed has a moon eye,
Be sure that you don't mind to walk,
For a mare, you will find,
Is by nature designed,
So that she cannot understand talk.
And when you climb into the saddle,
Be sure not to ruffle her fur,
Or she'll land you a punch where you digest your lunch,
And you'll learn about horses from her

From "Songs My Mother Never Taught Me", by John Jacob Niles, Douglas S.
Moore, and A.A.Wallgren.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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