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Le Roi a Fait Battre Tambour

Le Roi a Fait Battre Tambour

There is an excellent performance of this song on the Florilége anthology
"La Chanson Française Traditionelle", sung by Anne Sylvestre; I know I have
a tape of Cindy Mangsen singing it somewhere or other

Le Roi a fait battre tambour (X2)  The King has caused the drum to beat
Pour voir toute ses dames,         To see all his ladies
Et la première qu'il vut      And the first that he saw
Lui a ravi son âme.           Has captured his soul.

Marquis, dis-moi, la connais-tu? (X2)   Marquis, tell me, do you know her?
Qui est cette jolie dame?
Who is that beautiful lady?
Et le Marquis a répondu,      And the Marquis answered,
Sire-Roi, ç'est ma femme.
Sire, that is my wife.

Marquis tu es plus heureux que moi (X2) Marquis, you are happier than I,
D'avoir femme si belle             To have such a beautiful wife.
Si tu voulais me l'accorder,       If you would grant her to me,
Je me chargerai d'elle.            I would take care of her.

Sire, si vous n'êtiez pas le Roi, (X2)  Sire, if you were not the King,
J'en tirerai vengeance             I would avenge myself,
Mais puisque vous êtes le Roi,
But since you are the King,
A votre obéissance.           I am at your service.

Marquis ne te fâches donc pas, (X2)     Marquis, don't be angry,
Tu auras ta récompense.            You will have your reward.
Je te ferai dans mes armées        In my armies, I will make you
Beau Maréchal de France.      The Marshal of France.

Adieu ma mie, adieu mon coeur (X2) Farewell my friend, farewell my heart,
Adieu mon espérance!               Farewell my hope!
Puisqu'il te faut servir le Roi,   Since you must serve the King,
Séparons-nous d'ensemble.
We must separate.

Le Roi l'a prise par la main, (X2) The King took her by the hand,
La mener dans sa chambre.
To lead he to his chamber.
La belle en montant les degrés,         While climbing the stairs, the Beauty
A voulu se défendre.               Tried to struggle.

Marquise, ne pleurez pas tant, (X2)     Marquise, don't cry so,
Je vous ferai princesse;      I will make you a princess.
De tout mon or et mon argent,      Of all my gold and my silver,
Vous serez la maîtresse.      You will be made mistress.

Gardez vôtre or et vôtre argent, (X2)   Keep your gold and your silver,
N'apartiens qu'â la Reine
Stay faithful to the Queen.
J'aimerai mieux mon doux Marquis,  I would prefer my sweet Marquis,
Que toutes vos richesses.
To all your riches.

La Reine a fait faire un bouquet (X2)   The Queen has ordered a bouquet made,
De belles fleures de lises,        Of beautiful lilys.
Et la senteur de ce bouquet        And the odour of this bouquet
A fait mourir la Marquise.         Has killed the Marquise.

When Eritage recorded this ballad, they included a verse that
apparently isn't found in many renditions.  The verse appears at
the end of the song as a conclusion to the story.

Ah, si jamais je me mari,
Ah si jamais je me mari,
Je prendrai une femme
Qui s'ra si basse de qualitee,
Le Roi n'en s'ra jamais tente,
Le Roi n'en s'ra jamais tente.   EB


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