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Letter From LBJ

Letter From LBJ
(Tom Paxton)

I got a letter from LBJ
It said this is your lucky day
It's time to put your khaki trousers on
Though it may seem very queer
We've got no jobs to give you here
So we are sending you to Viet Nam

  Lyndon Johnson told the nation
  Have no fear of escalation
  I am trying everyone to please
  Though it isn't really war
  We're sending fifty thousand more
  To help save Viet nam from the Viet Namese

I jumped off the old troop ship
And sank in mud up to my hips
I cussed until the captain called me down
Never mind how hard it's raining
Think of all the ground we're gaining
Just don't take one step outside of town

Every night the local gentry
Step out past the sleeping sentry
They go to join the old VC
In their nightly little dramas
They put on their black pajamas
And come lobbing mortar shells at me

We go round in helicopters
Like a bunch of big grasshoppers
Searching for the Viet Cong in vain
They left a note that they had gone
They had to get down to Saigon
Their government positions to maintain

Well here I sit in this rice paddy
Wondering about Big Daddy
And I know that Lyndon loves me so
Yet how sadly I remember
Way back yonder in November
When he said I'd never have to go

Copyright Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co, Inc.
recorded by Tom Paxton

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