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The Lifeboat Man

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The Lifeboat Man
(David Diamond)

Our anchor's weighed and the sails we've set
And the ship just sunk  and we're getting wet - to

The Lifeboat,
Everybody run to the lifeboat
Row ashore in the lifeboat, Oh!
We want the lifeboat man.

Captain's in the wardroom, drinking gin,
I knocked on the door and I said "Let's swim" - to

Cookie's in the galley, making grub,
He puffed out his cheeks, said "Glub, glub, glub" - to

The lifeboat man, he calls "Ahoy!
"I've saved the handsome cabin boy." - to

Jump in the boat and pull on the oar,
Or else you'll go to sea no more - in

We said farewell to you ladies of Spain,
Surprise, surprise, we're back again - in

I've got a girl in Valipo
So round the Horn I've got to row - in

I got to her house and I knocked on the door,
A man came out, he was six foot four - to

I thought I heard the captain shout
"One more verse and I'll throw you out of the

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