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I'd Like to Be a Mormon

I'd Like to Be a Mormon

I'd like to be a Mormon, and live the Mormon shine
In the shade of a tall cactus and drink sweet Dixie wine.
The Mormons they are happy and contented all their lives
With a little patch of carrots and their houses full of wives.

A little ditty from a non-Mormon's point of view.
Note: the area around St. George, Utah is known as "Utah's Dixie."
Mormons were sent there by Brigham Young to attempt to farm cotton.

taken from (They Think We Live on Carrots) Down in Utah, a collection of
old pioneer melodies, dance tunes, and songs recorded in 1995 by Cory
Webster and several other musicians at the University of Utah.
The recording is copyright (C) 1995 by Cory Webster.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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