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My Little Carpenter

My Little Carpenter

I'll tell to you a new song that's lately been made
'tis of a little carpenter, he courted a fair maid
He courted her, he courted her, he loved her as his life
Oftimes he asked her if he would be his wife

Along came an old man, he came from Noah's Ark
A long ways a-travelin', a-goin' in the dark
I can't fancy you, old man, you look too old and grim
Oh, my little carpenter, oh what's become of him?

Along came the blacksmith, it was the other day
He gave me a handkerchief, or so the people say
He gave me a gold ring to talk with him again
Oh, my little carpenter, oh what's become of him?

Along came a young man, he came from Scarlet Town
With gold chain and finger rings, he throwed him on the ground
I can fancy you, young man, you look so neat and trim
Oh, my little carpenter, what would become of him?

Along came the carpenter, he came so neat and slow
All the money that he makes, he brings to me to show
He hews with his broad axe all day and sits by me all night
Oh, my little carpenter, my whole heart's delight

collected by Alan Lomax from Jim Howard of Harlan KY
sung by the New Lost City Ramblers on Gone to the Country
printed in Sing Out Reprint 10

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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