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Little Darling, Pal of Mine

Little Darling, Pal of Mine
(A. P. Carter?, c. 1927-28)

In the night, while you lay sleeping,
Dreaming of your amber skies,
Was a poor boy broken-hearted,
Listening to the winds that sigh.

CHO: My little darling, oh, how I love you!
     How I love you, none can tell.
     In your heart you love another,
     Little darling, pal of mine.

Many a day, with you I've rambled.
Happy hours with you I've spent.
For I had your heart forever,
But I find it's only lent.

There's just three things I could wish for:
That's my casket, shroud, and grave.
And when I'm dead, don't weep for me,
Just kiss these lips that you betrayed.

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