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Living on the Land

Living on the Land
  by Michael Nappa

Springtimes comes and the leaves are turning green
Dew drops glisten in the sun
The birds are singing to the rhythm of the stream
I love living on the land (2x)

  I've been to the city and I know it's not for me
  The traffic and the noise and the smell
  I want to be where the wind flows free
  I love living on the land

I rise in the morning to greet the morning sun
With the warmth of the earth beneath my feet
I thank the Lord for the day that's just begun
I love living on the land (2x)
I plant my garden with tomatoes, corn, and peas
With squash and melons and some beans
My back grows brown as I'm pulling out the weeds
Oh I love living on the land

Sitting on the porch with my child upon my knee
The sun grows red beneath the trees
We're cooled and refreshed by the gentle evening breeze
Oh I love living on the land


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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