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Living on the River

Living on the River

                                                  Jerry Rasmussen

1. Down around the bend by the railroad bridge,
   Wading in the shallows where the crayfish live,
   And over by the cottonmill the catfish bite.
   They'll be swimming in the skillet before tonight.

   Living on the river was nice and easy;
   People on the river just take their time.
   The wind in the summer was warm and breezy;
   Wind in the winter it cut like ice.

2. Off down the hill on a winter's night
   To go skating on the river in the cold moonlight.
   There's an old wood stove and a hardwood floor,
   And you can sit and take it easy while your feet get warm.
3. Up in the morning at four o'clock;
   I'll meet you at the landing at Johnson's dock.
   Drifting on the river when the sun comes up,
   Drinking hot black coffee from an old tin cup.

4. Down by the marsh where the blackbird sings,
   Over by the rocks there's a crystal spring,
   And back in the shadows where the watercress grows,
   The sweet spring water runs clear and cold.

   (Repeat first verse)

recorded by Rasmussen

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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